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Nominated articles

Selected articles

July 2007

Asako Toshi

The Asako Henshin are a monastic order unique to the Asako family. They study the mysteries of the Path of Man, as passed down to them from Asako herself. Asako gained the knowledge from Shiba, who came to speak with her through his son after he died defending the original Seven Thunders. They gain great power through knowledge of riddles to which the universe itself responds. (More...)

June 2007

Isawa Tsuke

Isawa Tsuke was one of the most powerful Fire Tensai the Isawa family has seen. His mastery over his element led him to be not only the Master of Fire, but with the addition of his ruthless, bloodthirsty nature, Tsuke was also one of the most feared Emerald Magistrates to ever serve the Emperor. Tsuke's love of his power and lack of concern for his countrymen led him to be agreeable to Isawa Tadaka's plan to use the Black Scrolls to help the Phoenix Clan gain an edge during the Clan War. He became severely Tainted as a result, and fought with the armies of the corrupted Hantei XXXIX... (More...)

May 2007

Asako Oyo

Asako Oyo was born in the late tenth century, and is something of a very unique enigma, even among the especially enigmatic Asako Henshin. He managed to teach himself the Path of Man, even continuing in his advancements after being cut off from new learning by his sensei. He currently lives in seclusion in the Asako family lands, peacefully biding his time and quickly approaching his 200th birthday... (More...)

April 2007


The Phoenix Clan is known throughout Rokugan for their skilled shugenja and mastery of elemental magic. The Phoenix are also noted pacifists, preferring diplomacy to war if at all possible. The Phoenix's presence in the courts of the land is not great, and their courtiers are relatively few in number, although they are not isolationists like the Dragon Clan. The Phoenix Clan was founded by the Kami Shiba, although the family of his vassal, Isawa, generally runs the affairs of the clan. (More...)

March 2007

Toturi Kaede

The Isawa Ishiken are unique in the empire. They are the fifth group of tensai: specialists in Void. Void is a jealous master, and not just any shugenja can cast even the most basic Void spells. The use of Void magic takes special training as well as innate ability... (More...)

February 2007

Isawa Ujina

Isawa Ujina was the father of Isawa Tadaka, Isawa Tomo and Isawa Kaede. He became Master of Void the day after his daughter's birth. He held the position as long as he could, and finally resigned after the Scorpion Coup. He became the Nameless One in an effort to fight the poison that plagued him since he was attacked by the creature that took the place of his first wife, Doji Ninube. (More...)

January 2007


Shiba-kami, the First Phoenix, the twin of Bayushi, and the wisest of the Kami, led the Phoenix Clan until his death at the hands of the First Oni during his attempt to rescue Shosuro and Shinsei after the first Day of Thunder. After his death, his essence possessed his sword, Ofushikai, and for over a thousand years Shiba himself chose the new Champions of his clan and guided them in their paths. (More...)

December 2006


Shiba Tsukune was an aspiring student of the Akodo War College and the Shiba Bushi school. She was an excellent samurai and a valiant yojimbo. She strove all her life to bring honor to her family. She became Phoenix Clan Champion upon the death of Shiba Ujimitsu, and at the end of her time in Ningen-do, she ascended to Tengoku to become the Fortune of Rebirth.

Read more: Shiba Tsukune

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