This page contains the lists of Quotes of the Day that have been and will be featured on Portal:Phoenix.

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Creating new quotes Edit

There is no voting or nomination process for the QotD. If you have a quote you think would be a good choice, simply add it to the list in the next available day. This is a fairly easy two-step process.

  • Create an entry in this page. This should be of the format
===Week number, year ===
{{:Portal:Phoenix/Quote for Week number, year}}
  • Create the new quote template. This should be of the format
<div style="text-align: right;">''Speaker / Literary work''</div>
<div style="text-align: right; font-size: 8pt;">Source</div>

Quotes for 2007 Edit

Week 10, 2007Edit

Arise, Tsukune, Fortune of Rebirth. Take your place among the Celestial Heavens.

Week 9, 2007Edit

I was once Isawa's Last Wish, a wish that mortal and kami could come to a greater understanding with one another. Now we are Tadaka's Last Wish, a wish that the shadow of Fu Leng be wiped away from this world forever.

Week 8, 2007Edit

“Run very quickly. Always carry a small meal. Nap, don’t sleep, and delegate authority.”

Week 7, 2007Edit

My ancestors… I can hear them now. They are calling to me. Goodbye, my friend.

Week 6, 2007Edit

The time has come when philosophy is not enough. If there is to be peace, we must demand it of others as we demand it of ourselves.

Isawa Sawao

Week 5, 2007Edit

"My father is dead, but he will live forever in his descendants."

Week 4, 2007Edit

"You run," Tadaka replied. "I die."


Week 3, 2007Edit

Better I think, to seize power and learn to command it. I do not spurn wisdom, but I will earn it as my ancestors always have done.

Week 2, 2007Edit

When driven to defend himself, a Phoenix’s wrath is terrible indeed – for a Phoenix understands that by ending conflict swiftly and without question that peace can be restored. This is the Isawa way.

Week 1, 2007Edit

My life, my soul, for the Phoenix.

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