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The following is an alphabetical list of portals in the L5R Wiki

Portal Established Creator Maintainers
Crab ([[Talk:Portal:Crab|talk]] · history · watch)
4 December 2006 Majushi Dapperdanman1983
Crane ([[Talk:Portal:Crane|talk]] · history · watch)
7 December 2006 smileham smileham
Dragon ([[Talk:Portal:Dragon|talk]] · history · watch)
4 May 2014 Mirumoto Zojo Mirumoto Zojo
Imperial Families ([[Talk:Portal:Imperial Families|talk]] · history · watch)
13 December 2006 HemlockMartinis HemlockMartinis
Lion ([[Talk:Portal:Lion|talk]] · history · watch)
11 December 2006 Majushi Majushi
Phoenix ([[Talk:Portal:Phoenix|talk]] · history · watch)
22 November 2006 WestonWyse WestonWyse, Isawa Aitoru, Agasha Mikio
Scorpion ([[Talk:Portal:Scorpion|talk]] · history · watch)
11 May 2007 Yogo narai Yogo narai
Spider ([[Talk:Portal:Spider|talk]] · history · watch)
7 October 2008 Tensei Tensei
Unicorn ([[Talk:Portal:Unicorn|talk]] · history · watch)
11 January 2007 Shinjo Haruo Shinjo Haruo

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