This page lists articles that have been featured on Portal:Lion, and nominations for future articles. All articles should meet the requirements for featured articles.

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Creating a new article

To create a new article, add the next month's entry to the list below, then add the following code to the new template:

L5R Wiki featured star and any previous portal article stars
Any later portal article stars

After that, go to the article that will be featured and add the following code to the bottom of the page:


At any given time, there should be at least one future selected article entry already created.

Nominated articles

Selected articles

February 2007


Akodo Toturi was the Lion Clan Champion before the Scorpion Coup. In response to his actions following the assassination of Hantei XXXVIII he was cast out by Hantei XXXIX. He became the ronin Toturi the Black. When the emperor was consumed by Fu Leng, Toturi and the other Clan Thunders battled him. With the Hantei family extinct, Toturi was crowned Emperor Toturi I.

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January 2007


The Ikoma Omoidasu, or Ikoma Bard, serves an important role in the Lion Clan - he is the historian, law keeper, and the heart of the Clan, being the only emotion they are allowed to display.

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December 2006


Akodo was the son of Amaterasu and Onnotangu and the Kami who founded the Lion Clan. He was the eldest of the Kami children. Known for his honor, dedication, courage, and military tactics. At the Tournament of the Kami, Akodo defeated Doji, but knelt to Hantei, swearing that his bloodline would protect his brother's family for all its days.

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