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Quotes for 2008 Edit

Week 25, 2008Edit

Your husband was a great man. It was an honor to oppose him on the battlefield. As a Lion, I celebrate my clan’s victory. As a warrior, I rejoice in the glorious death of an honorable foe. As a parent, I mourn for the loss of a child’s father.

Akodo Shigetoshi refering to Shinjo Shono / Words and Deeds pt.3

Quotes for 2007 Edit

Week 20, 2007Edit

If it takes my last breath, I will purge every Kolat from the face of the Empire. I swear it.

Week 19, 2007Edit

Too much destiny can kill you.

Week 18, 2007Edit

Twice now this city has returned Fu Leng from his imprisonment, the Kitsu say that this place is cursed. Let Otosan Uchi burn, and may the heavens help any who bar your path.

Week 17, 2007Edit

The finest defense against cavalry is a legion of trained spearmen.

Week 16, 2007Edit

The Fortunes are always on the side of the last reserves.

Week 15, 2007Edit

I have been denied my father's sword, I must forge my own before my destiny can come to pass.

Week 14, 2007Edit

It is men like you who brought Tsuko to her rest. Join her.

Week 13, 2007Edit

We are not here to fight you!

Week 12, 2007Edit

You carry the favor of our ancestors, they will speed your journey.

Week 11, 2007Edit

Kaneka draws honorable bushi to him much as his father did. Where will his destiny lie, I wonder: proving that he is his father's son or that he is his own man?

Week 10, 2007Edit

Why be Akodo's wife, when any other man who weds me will be Matsu's husband?

Week 9, 2007Edit

What is love, set beside duty, Otemi?

Week 8, 2007Edit

The Fortune of Stone perished at Fu Leng's hands, but we remember him so that others will never sharew his fate.

Week 7, 2007Edit

Come, my brothers, it is time to show the Empire what the Tao truly decrees.

Week 6, 2007Edit

The Akodo think that bushido is control: control of self; control of the foe. I say there is another form of control - the power of knowing when to lose control and fight with fury.

Week 5, 2007Edit

On this day, Matsu Yoshino has earned his father's blade, all hail Yoshino, Champion of the Lion!

Week 4, 2007Edit

Those who cannot record histories are forced to make them.

Week 3, 2007Edit

I stood on the brink of the fires of Gakido. Nothing lives there; no one has ever returned. Still, I watched as Hiroru walked toward the flames, determined to find Shizue's soul there.

Week 2, 2007Edit

The high walls of the Dragon hold no challenge for me anymore. Even stone has a soul, and souls are easy to conquer...

Week 1, 2007Edit

Let them remember. Let the Empire know, when the Ikoma read the histories, that a thousand Lion fought against all the strength of the Shadowlands, and that we brought them to their knees.

Quotes for 2006 Edit

Week 52, 2006Edit

Our sacred ancestors endorse this war, their honor demands vengeance!

Week 51, 2006Edit

We stand at a time of crisis. Before us lie the road of the past and the road of the future. Which one will you follow?

Week 50, 2006Edit

We were not defeated.

(Crab p. 29)


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