This page contains the lists of Did you know... trivia that have been and will be featured on Portal:Lion.

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Adding new trivia Edit

There is no voting or nomination process for the DYK. If you have a fact you think would be a good choice, simply add it to the list in the next available day. This is a fairly easy two-step process.

  • Create an entry in this page. This should be of the format
===Week number, year ===
{{:Portal:Lion/Did you know for Week number, year}}
  • Create the new quote template. This should be of the format
* ...that fact 1
* ...that fact 2
* ...that fact 3
<noinclude>[[Category:Portal:Lion/Did you know]]</noinclude>

Note that there should be three facts per week.

Did you know for 2007 Edit

Week 5, 2007Edit

Week 4, 2007Edit

  • ...that Ikoma Otemi was seriously wounded in recent skirmishes with the Khan?

Week 3, 2007Edit

Week 2, 2007Edit

Week 1, 2007Edit

  • ...that the Matsu gempukku ceremony is very harsh, including a bit where the samurai is struck repeatedly, up to 400 times, with a bamboo stick?
  • ...that the Shimizu family were only a family for less than 200 years until their destruction?

Did you know for 2006 Edit

Week 52, 2006Edit

Week 51, 2006Edit

Week 50, 2006Edit

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