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Quotes for 2007 Edit

Week 20, 2007Edit

In ages to come, poets will remember the time when the Emperor stood aside for his Empire.

Week 19, 2007Edit

The court is a battlefield with its own rules.

Week 18, 2007Edit

Trust and respect your allies, but never become dependent upon them. That leads only to failure.

Week 17, 2007Edit

I did not choose to bear the Hantei name. The Fortunes chose it for me, and I will not sully the name of the First Emperor by allowing the hundredth assassin to mark me where the first ninety-nine have failed.

Week 16, 2007Edit

The Oracles may have the ability to see what is to come, but we have the ability to change their perspective.

Week 15, 2007Edit

The Hantei is dead, and his murderer sits upon the Throne of the Sun. Let him fall, and let all his family know vengeance in my lost brother's name.

Week 14, 2007Edit

These are grim times. How long before disagreements about the True Path lead to spilt blood? There is no Enlightenment in death.

Week 13, 2007Edit

Tadaji died as he lived, in the court, surrounded by the Emperor and his servants. He was no warrior, but he was a hero, and we will miss him.

Week 12, 2007Edit

When the Emperor favors another, your own light dims.

Week 11, 2007Edit

The Scorpion have betrayed the Lion and the Crane, just as you said they would. Tsuneo will be able to march on Beiden Pass, and we will soon take Otosan Uchi from the upstart, thanks to your treachery.

Week 10, 2007Edit

Each soul in Rokugan owes service to the Emperor. The Righteous Emperor, in turn, serves those who obey him.

Week 9, 2007Edit

The sun never shone brighter than on the day of Hantei's coronation.

Week 8, 2007Edit

In return for your service, the Empire provides governance and wisdom. If he fails in this, he is no Emperor.

Week 7, 2007Edit

Those who have shared the wisdom of the Celestial Heavens are never quite the same.

Week 6, 2007Edit

If your enemy is meeting with potential allies, make them a better offer, even if they have nothing to offer in return.

Week 5, 2007Edit

The Fortunes are divine, and the Tao worldly. Together, the two speak perfectly to every soul.

Week 4, 2007Edit

If you would serve me, then you must have a fitting name. Rise, Toturi Miyako, and serve as your father served mine.

Week 3, 2007Edit

In the days of the Toturi Dynasty, Toturi III had the courage to seek his destiny.

Week 2, 2007Edit

Do not speak to your opponent. Speak only to your soul.

Week 1, 2007Edit

In times such as these, loyalty is the most important virtue.

Quotes for 2006 Edit

Week 52, 2006Edit

A skilled politician surrounds herself with experts and informants, seeking their advice in all things.

Week 51, 2006Edit

Ten Kami fell from the sky. One fell to Jigoku, but only eight now walk the mortal realm. Let not the mortals sully Ryoshun's memory by speaking his name. Let his grave be a place where only gods may enter.

Week 50, 2006Edit

We stand at a time of crisis. Before us lie the road of the past and the road of the future. Which one will you follow?

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