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Welcome to the Dragon Portal!

This is the L5R Wiki home for the Dragon Clan. For centuries the Dragon have watched and recorded the History of Rokugan unfold below them acting only when the time was right. Whether you are an Ise Zumi of Togashi seeking Enlightenment, a Mirumoto Yojimbo seeking the Perfect Balance, a Tamori Shugenja desiring a Humble Workshop, or you just got lost along a path in the mountains, welcome. Enjoy all of the wonderful Dragon-related articles here on the L5R Wiki, and feel free to help out.


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Featured biography

Togashi Hoshi

Togashi Hoshi

Togashi Hoshi

Togashi Hoshi was the only son of the Kami Togashi and Bayushi Kuninoko.


Dragon news

The Dragon Portal is now up and running, suggestions for design or featured articles are always welcome. Mirumoto Zojo (talk) 15:35, May 8, 2014 (UTC)


Did you know...

The Dragon Clan founder was a Dragon....



Here you can find some useful Dragon related pages.



"The nail that sticks out is the one that gets pounded first."
"The distractions of the physical world are an obstacle we must overcome to reach the truth of enlightenment. Conflict, debate, politics, even clothing can stand in our path."
"Hitomi has made her choice. The reign of darkness begins."

Things you can do

Togashi Mitsu could use some fine attention, mostly to help fill out some sections or to improve upon the already existing text. One area in particular would be The Oracle of Thunder section, which could use better sentence structure. If your not sure how best to do this feel free to read some of the source material, such as The Test of Enlightenment, Part 1 or any of the other references down at the bottom and either reword or add your own summarization of the events.



Enlightened Madness

The Enlightened Madness project is to help clean up all the articles related to the Enlighten Madness story series by Rich Wulf.

  • Start Date: 8th of May 2014
  • Progress: 0/7
  • Currently Chapter: 1
  • Contributors: Mirumoto Zojo


Forums: Index > Dragon Clan

Welcome to the Dragon Clan Forum. This is a place for discussion about the Dragon Clan and their place in the L5R Wiki. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "add new topic".

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Enlightened Madness Project21:41, May 8, 2014Mirumoto Zojo
Items you want to see14:37, May 8, 2014Mirumoto Zojo

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