This page contains the lists of Quotes of the Day that have been and will be featured on Portal:Crane.

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Creating new quotes Edit

There is no voting or nomination process for the QotD. If you have a quote you think would be a good choice, simply add it to the list in the next available day. This is a fairly easy two-step process.

  • Create an entry in this page. This should be of the format
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Quotes for 2007 Edit

Week 20, 2007Edit

Our art defines us. It tells us who we are in a way that even the great histories of the empire cannot. Asahina Hideki

Week 19, 2007Edit

Portal:Crane/Quote for Week 19, 2007

Week 18, 2007Edit

Perfect gift, or perfect cut: We are Doji.

Week 17, 2007Edit

Some deeds are so necessary that success is their redemption.

Week 16, 2007Edit

A disobidient student is a burden to the mind and the body, but an honorless son is a burden to the soul. Remember that, Ichiro. Tell it to your brother.

Week 15, 2007Edit

You say you work for the Age of Man, yet you stand by as the Shadow turns Empire into a kingdom of ghosts. If the Kolat do not fight now, Kage, they never will.

Week 14, 2007Edit

The spear waits not for its master, but rushes forth to guard the way.

(Crane p. 42)

Week 13, 2007Edit

The Ninube have been driven from Otosan Uchi, but they have not been destroyed. Not yet.

Week 12, 2007Edit

It is a student's duty, Korihime, to surpass his master.

Week 11, 2007Edit

There is no purpose in beauty. Beauty is its own purpose.

Week 10, 2007Edit

Only a fool starts a war in winter.

Week 9, 2007Edit

A blade is the soul of its maker, soft or hard, cold or hot. Any darkness is reflected in the sheen of steel; any imperfection turns the blade brittle and shatters in the depths of the soul. How stands your soul, Toshiken, my son? How bitter is your blade, if it draws your father's blood?

Week 8, 2007Edit

We may have lost our home land, but our loss has made us stronger.

Week 7, 2007Edit

Move quickly, but not foolishly.

Week 6, 2007Edit

Knowledge must be earned, not simply learned.

(Crane p. 35)

Week 5, 2007Edit

A rash word can damage a man more swiftly than the sharpest sword.

Week 4, 2007Edit

If the enemy never arrives to field his army, is that not victory?

Week 3, 2007Edit

Hitomi's Dragon fight with bloody hands, reveling in the slaughter of their enemies. If this is the New Tao, I would rather keep the old.

Week 2, 2007Edit

If you pursue a secret, there is a Bayushi who knows it. If you desire an item, there is a Yasuki who can find it. All these things – for a price.

Week 1, 2007Edit

In a world where steel can overcome honor, history is written by the victor, studied by the defeated and forgotten by the rebellious. Only the Jade Throne is immune to the ravages of time...

Quotes for 2006 Edit

Week 52, 2006Edit

Stand by me, Toshiken, and we will both put our past behind us. You are my son, and I am your father. All else is blood on water, easily washed away.

Week 51, 2006Edit

Even from death I will rise and I will fight. Swear your sword to the same oath, and the Empire will never fall again.

Week 50, 2006Edit

I fought beside Yakamo, beside O-Ushi. I do not wish to kill their kin, but the Yasuki lands are Crane lands. The spirit of the clan is stronger than bonds forged when we were heroes.

Week 49, 2006Edit

Be more concerned with good actions than with great ones.

(Crane p. 24)

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