This page contains the lists of Quotes of the Day that have been and will be featured on Portal:Crab.

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Creating new quotes Edit

There is no voting or nomination process for the QotD. If you have a quote you think would be a good choice, simply add it to the list in the next available day. This is a fairly easy two-step process.

  • Create an entry in this page. This should be of the format
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Quotes for 2007 Edit

Week 22, 2007Edit

Portal:Crab/Quote for Week 22, 2007

Week 21, 2007Edit

I won't kill you now little one, but you will remember that I could have.

(Dragon p. 6)

Week 20, 2007Edit

The strength of a mountain lies at its base.

(Crab p. 39)

Week 19, 2007Edit

I have seen eternity and I am not afraid.

The Writings of Kuni Mokuna
(Crab p. 41)

Week 18, 2007Edit

Our wall, fool. Forever.

Week 17, 2007Edit

Poor Sukune. He suspected it from the beginning and his failures at Beiden Pass confirmed his fate.

Week 16, 2007Edit

A Crab’s ancestors are his true armor.

Week 15, 2007Edit

Choose the time and choose the place - all else will follow.

Week 14, 2007Edit

Sometimes the contagion spreads so rapidly, you could swear it has a mind of its own.

Week 13, 2007Edit

If I am doomed to Jigoku let my enemies be dragged along beside me.

The Writing of Kuni Yori

Week 12, 2007Edit

No surrender. No compromise. Even one step into shadow is too many.

Week 11, 2007Edit

I remember the Battle of Drowned Honor. Like a striking serpent, the Black Finger River rose up to meet us, and now my family lies deep beneath the black waters of the Forbidden Lake. Their screams haunt me, echoing on empty waves.

Week 10, 2007Edit

I am Isamu, son of the Stone Crab, and I demand my place among you.

Week 9, 2007Edit

Daigotsu promised peace for a year and a day. Time enough to deal with Iuchiban.

Week 8, 2007Edit

Empty lands and empty hands are quickly filled by greedy men.

Week 7, 2007Edit

If the Crane believe we would not fight them to win back the Yasuki, they are mistaken. A Fortune, a Kami, and the Sun itelf share our bloodline. Only fools stand against the Hida.

Week 6, 2007Edit

Zunguri stood at the gate to Hiruma Castle, watching as the Lion and Crab came through the undead army guarding the Road of Dark Jade. Looking at his face, we knew that so long as he stood, no other man could fall.

Week 5, 2007Edit

Contentment is the simplest, yet most elusive of all blessings.

Week 4, 2007Edit

Half-baked sorcerers, cultists and clairvoyants. Everyone wants to be the new Uikku. Bah. There is no profit in fortune-telling.

Week 3, 2007Edit

A samurai's worth is measured in the quality of his death. Come, let me give your life worth.

Week 2, 2007Edit

Command with strength of mind, strength of body, and strength of duty. We are Crab. We are nothing else.

Week 1, 2007Edit

When the Emperor makes his decree against the Lost, we strike.

Quotes for 2006 Edit

Week 52, 2006Edit

May your cup always be full, and your hands never be empty.

(Crane p. 47)

Week 51, 2006Edit

As a child, he led his friends to the wrong side of the Wall. Unlike other such foolish children, Masagaro brought his friends out again, alive.

Week 50, 2006Edit

The Hiruma stand between two walls, the Kaiu Wall to the east and the Wall of Bones to the south. We are alone, far from aid, but we are ready.

Week 49, 2006Edit

The Crane smile prettily as they cut your throat with a bribe in Court. Let's see them smile with their heads buried in their chests.

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