The Porridge Stick Day celebrated the day that a citizen of Ryoko Owari Toshi named Okami finally got the better of his wife Riko.

Story Edit

Riko sent her husband to find a left-handed widdershins porridge stick to replace a supposed broken one. Riko was a clever woman and had realized Okami was not, so she sent him in a nonsense errand. A porridge stick was simply a rod the length of a forearm and as thick as a finger, which could be used in either hand. Okami eventually got one, crafted by a smart sailor who had heard of his quest and had put an abusive price for it. When Okami returned he found a Riko's former suitor and threw him away from his home. His wife was impressed by how honorable her husband had been, and confessed her deceitfulness. The punishment for her actions Riko should be publicly beat with a staff. Okami did it, but with the purchased porridge stick, and doing it once in a slender way. With that, they went home and nine months later, they had their first son. [1]

Festival Edit

Since that time, women of Ryoko Owari celebrated the event by carrying porridge sticks with them on this day and using them to swat each other on the backside. It was only considered proper to hit those of your own or lesser station, and only then with affection. [2]


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