Born: Unknown 
Parents: Pokku

Pokupo was a goblin scout and the spawn of Pokku. [1]

Shinomen Mori Edit

Pokupo inherited the intelligence of its father, and he managed to survive the attack of a former member of their tribe, Gakku. In 1172 the Dark One had returned to the tribe's camp in the Shinomen Mori, but transformed in a monster of four arms, strong as an oni. It slaughtered and devoured many members of the Tribe. In the attack it was lost the nemuranai which had been found by Pokku, the Blood-White Stone. [2]

Chieftain Edit

Pokupo was eventually appointed as the tribe's chieftain. In 1199 he was still alive, and one of the goblin of its age, Keppo, was surprisingly young as strong as twenty seven years ago. [2]

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