Plague Zombies

Plague Zombies

Plague Zombies were the corpses of those who died from exposure to magical disease spread by foul Maho. They were mindless, and unthinkingly attacked any living things they encountered. They spread the plague to those they fought. [1]

Byoki no Oni Edit

Byoki no Oni was an infectious oni who spread its infection during fight with humans, who would become Plague Zombies if not adequately treated. These zombies could be differentiated from common zombies by the oozing sores that covered their decaying bodies, and the sour, rancid-milk odor that surrounded them. [2]

Wasting Disease Edit

During the Clan War, Yogo Junzo created a large number of those creatures by unleashing the Wasting Disease. [1]

Cursed Dead Edit

Plague Zombie

A Plague Zombie

In 1171 a new plague began to ravage the Empire during the conflict with Kali-Ma. Similarily to the Wasting Disease, this plague also resulted in the dead rising. [3] They were known as Cursed Dead. [4]

Abilities Edit

The disease infested and infected its victims before moving on to the next one. Once the victim died, if the body was not burned within a short period of time, the infection took over the functions of the body and rised from its place of rest with only one motivation – to feed. [5] If they lost a limb they still motioned and attacked their prey. The only way to completely stop them was to cut or destroy the head. [6]

Leaders Edit

In this plague the undead were provided with smart leaders, who were able to retain part of the abilities and knowledge they had before they died. The plague mobs were more dangerous, there was no more mindless attacks. They could plant traps, marshal their ranks, move to a meeting point, and many of other military tactics used by the armies. [6]

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Plague Zombies

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