Plagues were lethal epidemics which spread widely throughout the Empire.

Bloodstrike Edit

The Bloodstrike contagion was caused by a Shadowlands Power and was named the the Bloodstrike Plague. It's symptoms were an oozing of a viscous and highly contagious substance from every pore, and could infect any who was in contact with the plague victim. [1]

Water Fever Edit

In the second part of the 7th century a Great Famine happened due to extensive bad weather and political decisions. The plague known as the Water Fever affected the weakened people. [2]

Darkfever Edit

Darkfever plagued Phoenix lands and one of the symptoms horrible, vivid nightmares that grew more intense and realistic as the illness spread, eventually killing the plague-ridden individual in his sleep. These days an unusual storm dropped torrential rains and volleys of lightning that bombarded entire towns. [3]

Wasting Disease Edit

In 1123, following the Scorpion Coup, Yogo Junzo opened the Black Scroll known as the Wasting Disease. This action released a virulent plague that raged through the Empire during the Clan War. [4] Its symptons first appeared at the Phoenix village of Kirei Mura, and the next outbreak in the Crane fortress of Shiro Banken, near the ruins of Shiro Yogo. The plague spread without control, reaching the Imperial City itself, Otosan Uchi. [5]

Dragon-Phoenix War Edit

Chieko treating plague

Plague in 1158

The lands of the Dragon Clan became infected with a plague in 1158 during the Dragon-Phoenix War, due in most part to rotting corpses left uncremated on the battlefields. One such village, Mikoto Mura, was severely afflicted.[6]

Plague War Edit

Shortly after the War of Dark Fire ended in 1171 were reported plagued villages in the Northern Phoenix provinces. [7] The symptoms were the cough, the black mucus, red eyes. [8] The plague was perfect, with a high rate of infection, lethal beyond expectations, and a third of those who perished become undead Plague Zombies. [9] The Chuda had no success to undo the plague effects. [10]

Ghul Lord Edit

This new plague ravaged the Empire during the conflict with Kali-Ma, which was also called the Destroyer War. The Ghul Lord manipulated the movements and activities of those slain by the plague. [11]

External Links Edit

Plague of Flesh

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