Pillars of Virtue

Pillars of Virtue

The Pillars of Virtue (D5) was a Dragon holding of the Togashi Order and its tattooed monks. [1]

Sacred Edit

A simple torii arch stood before three enormous stone spires, each topped with a statue representing one of Togashi's first followers, members of the tattooed order. Although their names had been long forgotten, each of these three monks represents one basic aspect of the Togashi philosophy: wisdom, morality, and discipline. Few outside of the order were aware of its existence, and even fewer have ever visited it, an act of the greatest respect to them. [2] The actual spires had been hollowed out over the years, to allow monks to remain meditating within them for days at a time. While monks had been known to disappear after going to the Pillars of Virtue, no dead body had ever been found. [3]

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