Born: Unknown 
Spouse: Demona,

Phyrrus was a Yodotai centurion, Siege Master and Berserk.

Sea voyage Edit

The Yodotai took several ships form the Thrane Empire. [1] They believed the Mighty and Merciless Sea, their Deity of Fear, would have forgotten the deceit of the Yodotai. They dared to use the vessels, traveling toward the Burning Sands coast. The Sea had not forgiven them, and sunk the ships in the Northern seas, drowning many of the expedition, including Demona [2] his beloved wife. [3]

Burning Sands Edit

Phyrrus and other Yodotai, as his Warlord Aurelian, reached the Burning Sands. In 1132 they joined the Erba'a Alliance and began the Shattering of the Jewel. [3] During the events of the Awakening a lightning bolt struck the attackers and the Senpet and the rest of defenders recovered the field, rejecting the invaders. [4] Aurelian, Phyrrus, and other Yodotai survived with the aid of the misterious prophet Duqaq, who gathered the remnants of the Yodotai to a safe place. [5]

Betrothed Edit

Phyrrus was betrothed to Vespa, a Patrician, [6] but he did not forget Demona.

Duqaq Edit

Phyrrus sought to repay debt before joining his dead wife. He owed to the Astronomers and their little prophet, Duqaq. He wished to come to Rokugan to retrieve Duqaq's son, Rosoku. [3]

Rokugan Edit

In 1167 Phyrrus with the assistance of Moto Jochi of the Ujik-hai traveled to the Unicorn Clan from Medinaat al-Salaam to seek out the son of Duqaq. [7] In 1168 they reached the Khol Wall and he was the only one who crossed it. His honor guard led by Gaius was kept in the Wall. [8] Phyrrus met with the Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Chagatai who knew that Duqaq was in fact the Hooded Ronin, and his son was Rosoku. Chagatai did not mention however that Rosoku had been murdered, and when Phyrrus discovered this he immediately traveled home, [7] to the Great Eye of the Desert. [9] His honor guard was left behind at the order of Moto Jin-sahn, [8] to learn the Rokugani war tactics. [9]

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