Phoenix Clan Spells were developed by the Phoenix Clan and their shugenja were reluctant to pass their secrets. [1] There were spells which were only known by the Council of Five and a handful of their trusted servants, only given to non-Phoenix in extremely rare cases on the condition that they would be returned when no longer needed. [2]

Air Spells Edit

  • The False Face spell created an illusionary cloak that masked the caster's voice and appearance. [3]

Earth Spells Edit

  • The Tadaka's Gift spell created a link among two stones of the same material. Each carrier knew the state of the other. [4]

Fire Spells Edit

  • The Fire Guardian spell covered an object to be warded with an invisible aura of elemental flame, causing the affected object to become extremely warm to the touch. This was the only warning a potential thief received before the flames erupted. [3]
  • The Vengeance spell caused the caster to explode if he was killed at anytime while the spell effects were active. [4]

Universal Spells Edit


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