The Pharaoh Hensatti

The Pharaoh was the ruler of the Senpet Empire.

Duties Edit

The Pharaoh was an absolute ruler, his word was infallible. He also was the military and religious leader of the Senpet, so the control of the Empire relied in his hands. [1]

Advisors Edit

The Pharaoh had advisors who handled certain areas of power, as the military advisor. The provinces had governors who reported to the advisors. The Pharaoh used to appoint a vizier, his second, and the most powerful man in the Senpet empire but the Pharaoh himself. The vizier took care of all the matters that a Pharaoh had to manage, even the law system. [1]

After life Edit

The Pharaoh were mummified or embalmed after their death. The organs were removed, the corpse bandaged, several talisman placed to protect in the next travel, and entombed in the Great Pyramids. [2]

First Pharaoh Edit

In the year 30 the first Pharaoh read the Reu Nu Pert Em Hru, the Book of the Dead, becoming mad. Before he committed suicide he ordered the construction of the sacred City of the Dead, where the Book had to rest. It was buried in the Pharaoh's tomb. [3]

Yodotai invasion Edit

The last Pharaoh of the free Senpet Empire was Hensatti, who died in 1160 during the Yodotai Invasion of Senpet lands. [4] A woman named Neferet was the known Pharaoh in the 12th century. She ruled [5] under the iron fist of the Yodotai. [4]

Senpet PharaohsEdit

First Pharaoh  ? - 30
Hensatti  ? - 1160
Neferet (c. 1160)

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