Pekkle were mischievous shapeshifter spirits from Sakkaku.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

They were able to take an androgynous human appearance, mimicking the appearance of human beings from infancy up to young adult age, and settled into society with ease. Even if pekkle were not considered to be evil, they liked to play most vicious practical jokes. Using their ability they sometimes stole a human child from the crib and take his place for months, or even years, only to unexpectedly revealed the delusion, rejoicing in the misery of their parents. [1]

Battle Edit

Pekkle attempted to avoid combat, in order to maintain their masquerade and their lives. If pressed, pekkle fought only until they could escape the combat. [2]

Pekkle no Oni Edit

Pekkle no Oni

Pekkle no Oni

Fu Leng trapped and corrupted many pekkle after his fall. Tainted pekkle were called pekkle no oni, even if they are not actually oni. Their shapeshifting nature made their Taint very difficult to detect, making of them perfect spies and supais. The only reliable way to detect them was to spill their blood, which was thin and black. [1] Creatures of Sakkaku were not easy to corrupt, so the connection between a pekkle and the Taint was tenuous. If a Pekkle was in danger of slipping from his control, they were violently destroyed by minions of Fu Leng. [3]

Enmity Edit

Pure pekkle had a mortal hate for their tainted cousins, and were able to detect them from a mile away. A pekkle would always attack a pekkle no oni on sight and fight to the death. [1]

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