Pearl Bed 2

Pearl Bed

Pearls were cultivated in warm waters and collected in the eleventh month of the year, the Month of the Ox. [1]

Legend Edit

Legend said the Bhakarash tricked the Atman's Bright Eye into crying, and those tears fell across the ocean and became pearls. She could not cause the Pale Eye to weep, and so the dark tears were far more rare. Without her clever tricks, the Naga would have no magic and there would be no pearls in the ocean. [2]

Pearl Beds Edit

Many Naga had a small potential to create Pearl Magic, only the Chameleon had the skill necessary to encourage those pearls to form. [3]

Types Edit

There were four types of pearls: [4]

  • Normal pearls: they were mundane powerless baubles, sought by the humans for its economical value.
  • Channeling pearls: they were the most used by the Naga Jakla, who recognized them from common pearls sensing a glow in their surface. The Jakla cast spells through them attuned to the proper element, and their power decayed with time.
  • Spell-specific pearls: these pearls were attuned to a specific Spell Effect instead of an Element. They were created by the Jakla through a complicated and rare ritual.
  • Named pearls: these fabled, legendary and obscure pearls had specific, predetermined effects that might be cast by Jakla of sufficient ability.


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