A Patron

Patron was someone of importance who had taken an interest on a person. A Patron expected a certain amount of reciprocal trade for his patronage. [1]

Artisan Patron Edit

The patron expected a great work of art or a creation from the artisans he funded. The patron sought to advance the artisan's political and artistic career by displaying the artisan's masterpieces in courts and public gatherings. [1]

Merchant Patron Edit

The samurai patronage for peasant merchants and craft workers was usual in several rokugani cities, as Ryoko Owari Toshi [2] or Mura Sabishii Toshi. [3]

Reciprocal trade Edit

The vassal merchant gave a percentage of his profits to his patron, in return for the physically, legally and financially protection of the vassal. Some of the patrons took a direct and controlling interest in the businesses of their vassals, despite it was against the samurai honor code, that disliked commerce. [4]

Competition Edit

It became possible for a merchant or craftsman to leave the protection of one samurai for the patronage of another. A prized artisan might decide to change patrons only to reduce the tithe. Instead of commanding heimin, the samurai were reduced to placating them and seeking their favor. [4]

Colonies Edit

During the Age of Conquest merchant patronage in the Colonies did not carry quite the same stigma there as it did in the Empire, because so many samurai were interested in the recovery of lost artifacts and information from the now-dead Ivory Kingdoms. [5]

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