The Path of Woe, also known as the Trail of Woe, [1] was one of the two passes through the Great Wall of the North, being Path of Sorrow the second. The pass bent and curved many times, and its exact route changed from year to year, due to rockslides and earthquakes. [2]

Ki-Rin's Exodus Edit

The Ki-Rin clan left the Empire through the Path of Woe. [3]

Badger Control Edit

The founder of the Badger Clan, Ichiro Domogu, ordered his daimyo to build a keep in the Path of Woe in a place where it could easily defend a vulnerable section of the pass, so the Badger could slow the path of any enemy invasion. They located their fortresses in those places where the travel was easier and the pass more stable. [2] At the start of the Path sat the intimidating fortress known as the Claws of the Badger, which straddled the road with a massive gatehouse. [4]


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