RPG Information (FFG) Edit

Paragon of a Bushidō Tenet (Advantage, Mental, Virtue, Various)

A character with the Paragon of a Bushidō Tenet advantage believes utterly in one of the Bushidō tenets, and other people can instinctively discern that his actions are genuine when he acts in accordance with it. [1]

RPG Information (AEG) Edit

Paragon (Advantage, 7 Points, 6 points for Lion) [Mental]

A character with the Paragon advantage exemplify the code of Bushido. [2]

The character takes one particular tenet and made it his way of life:

  • Compassion: help those lower than him in the Celestial Order.
  • Courage: resist Intimidation and overcome Fear.
  • Courtesy: avoid easily embarrassment and breach of honor.
  • Duty: endure the effect of wounds.
  • Honesty: they are know for their integrity and truthfulness.
  • Honor: resist easily temptations and intimidation.
  • Sincerity: they are know for their Sincerity

Characters Known to Have this Advantage Edit


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