Palace of Crimson Shadows

Palace of Crimson Shadows

Just as Seven Stings Keep was a secondary facility for military training, the Palace of Crimson Shadows (SC8) was a training facility for the Scorpion Clan's courtiers and masterminds, constructed to handle the overflow of Kyuden Bayushi. It was located in the plains south of Kyuden Bayushi before the provinces give way to hillier lands. [1]

Appearance Edit

Shinkoshoku Kage no Kyuden [2] had an intense and refined design, a wide-open and inviting place, with every corridor lined with dark red lanterns. It was built taking in mind it could serve as a second possible location for the Scorpion to host the Emperor's Winter Court. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 the invading forces of Kali-Ma attacked the Palace of Crimson Shadows during the Destroyer War. Many samurai were involved in its defence, among them Akodo Areru, Kitsuki Kiyushichi, and Doji Yasuyo, [4] as well as Toritaka Horoiso and Hida Harou. [5] Eventually, the Palace fell. [5]

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