Pacharmus were elephantine beasts [1] of the Destroyers. They were part of the Kali-Ma's Elite Guard. They were built with giant bodies like those of men, but with the heads and features of elephants. [2]

Appearance Edit

They walked on two legs, as tall as four men, with large ears, powerful tusks, and long, strange noses from which they could sound the most horrifying, shrill battle cries. Their flesh was like hardened leather. They could be damaged more easily than the ironclads but they healed with amazing speed. [3]

Battles Edit

In 1173 they fought near Kashi Mura against the forces of the shogun and suffered a heavy toll, [3] and later in the month of the Serpent [4] under the command of Kheth-tet in the Second Battle of Three Man Alliance Plain. [1]


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