Oyo Seido

Oyo Seido

Oyo Seido was the shrine dedicated to Asako Oyo.

Location Edit

The shrine was located just north of Kyuden Asako, hidden within the woods of Mori Isawa. The structure was a new addition to the Asako family holdings, having been built only twenty years ago. The shrine is dedicated to Asako Oyo, the man who catalyzed a new age of learning among the henshin. [1]

Death of Oyo Edit

Oyo reportedly died shortly after Asako Isamu reached the great insight that placed the Asako back onto the Path of Man. Only Isamu witnessed the older Asako's death and did not speak of the matter before his own disappearance. It was a faked death, as Oyo had neglected to die after the Asako's experiments were over. Isamu expected to prevent others seeking to exploit him, and the immortal henshin had retired to the forests near his own shrine. [1]

Rumors Edit

Oyo Seido 2

Oyo Seido

Oyo Seido became the center of many ghost stories among the Phoenix due to secretive nature of the Asako family. To the majority of the Empire, Oyo was a madman and fool, a pawn of Kuni Yori who was used to divide the Phoenix. Naturally, many wondered why such a man would deserve a monument, and the Asako were stingy with answers. Outsiders filled this gap with their own colorful tales: the restless spirit of Oyo demanded this tribute before he could find peace, or the Asako found Kuni Yori and entombed him in jade deep beneath the earth on this spot. [1]

Place of Serenity Edit

Nonetheless, none who visited the shrine were able to deny the serenity of the location. Many among the Asako and Isawa would visit the shrine to calm their minds and meditate upon complex problems. The Asako revered Oyo as an ancestor and requested his guidance in finding their way through troubling times and difficult mysteries. [1]

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