Please note: This article is about the animal species. For the Minor Clan of the same name, please see Ox Clan.

An ox

Oxen were the largest bovines in Rokugan, and were commonly found in hilly forests and rugged terrain. Also known as gaur, the ox was known for its sturdy ruggedness and tenacity, and the bull ox could weigh up to eighteen hundred pounds. The ox was by nature a shy and timid creature, but because of its size it could defend itself adequately against predators. Like most cattle the ox had an acute sense of smell, but both eyesight and hearing were quite poor. [1]

Working Animal Edit

Since horses were largely restricted to the samurai caste and the very wealthiest of commoners, common folk in Rokugan relied on oxen to pull carts, drag plows, and perform other laborious tasks. [2]

Ox Clan Edit

In 1145 Morito chooses the Ox as symbol of the Minor Clan he was granted, the Ox Clan. [3]

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