Ouno's Heart
Created by: Isawa Ouno
First used by: Isawa Ouno
Currently in the possession of: Phoenix Clan

Ouno's Heart was a suit of Heavy Armor crafted by Isawa Ouno, brother to Isawa himself and first Master of Earth. [1]

Crafting Edit

The armor was crafted by Ouno after he was praying to the Fortune Bishamon, when the Tribe of Isawa was already the Isawa family. Ouno wore it to lead his kin against the minions of the Shadowlands during the War Against Fu Leng. The spirits Ouno had bound into his armor were enhanced by his devotion to eradicating Fu Leng's followers. [1]

Phoenix Heirloom Edit

In the year 57 his weared made him one with the earth, becoming a stone statue, but the armor had been left behind. Ouno's Heart was worn by either the Master of Earth or, more often, the commander of the Phoenix Clan's Avalanche Guard. It made the wearer all but incorruptible in spirit or body, enhancing the spellcasting of any shugenja who wore it when combating corruption, poison, or sickness. [2]


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