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Otomo Yayu 
Otomo Yayu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133

Otomo Yayu was a scholar shugenja of the Imperial Families who became a member of the Toturi's Army.

Training Edit

Otomo Yayu 2

Otomo Yayu

Yayu was born sickly and weak, but with a sharp mind, devoted to read about legends of ancient heroes. He schooled in the Isawa Shugenja academy, next to his beloved Isawa Libraries. [1]

Foresight Edit

He became increasingly distant, withdrawing from reality and disappearing into his fantasy world. The Grand Master of the Elements Naka Kuro visited Yayu, showing a vision where a ronin army rallying under a strange wolf mon would face off against the Crab in the Beiden Pass. Yayu knew this day which would be his future. [2]

Toturi's Army Edit

Yayu was an idealistic young scholar who left his family and fortune behind to fight at Toturi the Black's side. [3] Yayu considered his duty to gather the legends of the ragtag ronin army, so they would be known in the next generations to come. [4] [5] Toturi dispatched Yayu to the City of the Rich Frog, where the Toturi's Call to Arms was posted. Yayu was one of the original members of Toturi's Army and thus one of the Twelve Ronin. [6]

Toturi's Battle Standard Edit

In 1126 [7] he painted Toturi's war banner, also known as the Banner of the Black Lion. [8] In the top corner he made a mark with his personal chop. [3]

Death Edit

In 1133 Yayu fought and died in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. [3]

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