Otomo Ujihiro had been the governor-to-be of Karada district at Otosan Uchi before his death.

Karada District Edit

The Karada Governor, Hida Ryokai, had disgraced himself with his frequent outburst of rage and fascination with go, which left the district unnatended. The Imperial Court decided to remove him from his position, after a Ujihiro's tenure which would be performed by Ryokai himself. Mutual hatred began between the governor and the governor-to-be. [1]

Death Edit

During the Iris Festival Ujihiro competed in the go tournament, and confronted Ryokai in the final. Ujihiro defeated Ryokai, blaming him for all his faults. In a shocking display the Otomo committed seppuku on the spot, his blood spilling upon the board. Ryokai's ritual sacrifice followed soon after, and the governorship passed to Hida Reitaan, Ryokai's son. [1]

Go Board Edit

Most probably Ujihiro realized he had played with a cursed go board, so he decided to quit his life instead to be haunted by the Armies of Hokori, spirits of the fallen Crab bushi trapped in the board centuries ago by Hokori no Oni. [2]


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