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Otomo Toyo was a courtier of the Imperial Families.

Training Edit

Toyo was a clever, keen-minded individual with an instinct for rooting out other's weaknesses and shortcomings. His tutors praised his intellect too often, and he became lazy and arrogant. He wasted his potential and when he came to age his fellows had surpassed him, and Toyo stagnated. [1]

Station Edit

He lost his appointment as a minor functionary and was reassigned to Musume Mura as an assistant Tax Collector. After making several mistakes he was sent to Friendly Traveler Village as a cultural advisor, where he began to drink the local sake. [2]

Reluctant Prophet Edit

In times of stress, Toyo would lose control of his body, screaming visions of the future. He sent word to his masters at Toshi Ranbo, and the Seppun Daimyo Seppun Kiharu summoned him in the Imperial City. It was not known if he eventually began the trip. [3]

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