Otomo Tametsu was a courtier of the Imperial Families who ruined his reputation with his writings about a pre-human race. He allegued that ruins within the Nazo Mori were a settlement of which he arrogantly referred to as ‘the Tametsus.’ They supposedly were destroyed when the corpse of the Kami Ryoshun fell upon them. [1]

Nazo Mori Edit

Tametsu was a modest historian and a reputed courtier who possessed of a pleasant demeanor. He became embroiled with an opponent, who eventually was a descendant of Isawa Hobaru, a shugenja of the 4th century who died seventy years ago during his studies in the remote Nazo Mori. Tametsu decided to discredit the shugenja's memory to punish the other courtier. Along a large escort he entered the forest, returning four days later and departed to Otosan Uchi to never visit the villages of Nazo Mori again. [2]

Discredited Edit

Tametsu theorized the existence of civilizations that predated humanity and had fallen into decline and extinction before the Fall of the Kami. His claims gave him a bad reputation, and his writings grew steadily more controversial. His family retired Tametsu from his duties in the Imperial Court, and eventually was secluded in a remote private estate after he walked into his favorite upscale teahouse in the nude. [2]


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