Otomo Shishi

Otomo Shishi

Otomo Shishi was a merchant of the Imperial Families. [1]

Training Edit

Otomo Shishi 2

Otomo Shishi

Shishi was fat, slovenly, and prone to talking about himself. His arrogance frayed the Otomo's patience, so he was sent to the Yasuki Merchant school where he mastered economics. Shishi amassed a fortune and his relatives invited him to the Imperial Court once more. [1]

Akodo Toturi Edit

In 1123 Shishi forged papers to pass through the Lion lines, to sell rice and steel to the Lion's foes, the Crane Clan. Akodo Toturi quickly realized the forgery, confiscated the supplies and sent Shishi on his way. He considered himself fortunate of Toturi's mercy, who could had ruined his life turning him over to the authorities. [1]

Toturi's Army Edit

Shishi became an Economic Advisor serving Toturi's Army. [2] Toturi, a ronin general of a ragtag army after the Scorpion Coup, had remembered Shishi the debt the merchant owed him. [1]

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