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Otomo Shigeo was an older and minor courtier of the Ivory Court.

Resented Edit

Shigeo was short balding man in his forties who walked with a hunch. An incompetent courtier, he was a man whose unhappiness was profound, a lifetime of thwarted ambition had been distilled to a bitterness. An initial station as a novice diplomat in the Imperial Court of Toshi Ranbo led to ever more menial assignments, ending with a posting as a minor bureaucrat supporting the small Imperial delegation to the Tortoise Clan. [1]

Colonies Edit

Shigeo was sent to the Colonies in the late 12th century, moved as far away as possible by his masters. He was appointed as karo to the Head of the Otomo delegate in the Second City. Shigeo convinced himseld he was being considered for the position of karo to the Chancellor of the Left before the post was suddenly given to the rising star Otomo Akio. [2]

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