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Otomo Ryo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Otomo Izo,
Otomo Kosha

Otomo Ryo was a courtier in the Imperial Court. He had an older brother, Otomo Izo, and a younger one, Otomo Kosha. [1]

Imperial Aid Requested Edit

After the Naga began to attack the Dragon Clan in 1132 during the Siege of Sleeping Mountain, Lady Hitomi sent Hitomi Kobai to the Imperial Court to offer the Imperial Regent Takuan rice in exchange for the aid of the Imperial Legions. Kobai quickly outmaneuvered Izo and Ryo in the Court. The two brothers failed to recognize their younger brother, Otomo Kosha, who had joined the Dragon as a Kikage Zumi. [2]


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