Please note: This article is about Otomo Suikihime's cousin. For other uses of the term, please see Nami (disambiguation).
Otomo Nami 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Otomo Suikihime,
Otomo Takama,
Otomo Moritaka

Otomo Nami was a mischievous woman, the youngest sister of Otomo Suikihime, Otomo Takama, and Otomo Moritaka. After the appointment in 1198 of Suikihime as Imperial Governor of the Colonies Nami was at the center of Ivory Court gossip and often served as the Governor's eyes and ears. [1]

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Nami was courteous, compassionate and popular courtier. She had been sickly and prone to fevers, which kept her sequestered within the palaces and courts. Nami loved gossip, and her knowledge of court rumor was almost encyclopedic. Combined with Moritaka's uncanny insight, gaves Suikihime the advantage in every social meeting. [2]

Second City Edit

Otomo Nami was a personal attendant and advisor for her sister, the Imperial Governor. While she held no official title, Nami was very close with Suikihime and had her sister's ear. Nami fell in love with Seppun Ishitata, the Minister of Rites, speaking highly of him at every opportunity. [2] The courtier and accomplished warrior had single-handely taken care of several assailants during a raider's attack to her caravan. He was hailed as a hero upon returning to the Second City, and Ishitata had won her admiration. [3]

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