Please note: This article is about the courtier-ko. For other uses of the term, please see Mizuki (disambiguation).

Otomo Mizuki was a courtier-ko of the Imperial Families.

Otomo Leadership Edit

Mizuki was a beautiful courtier with ebony eyes. In 1200 several events had led the Otomo in a difficult position. Otomo Taneji had been killed by an Oni during Winter Court, and his heir, Otomo Terumoto, had been caught in the attack, leaving him in a deep torpor, unable to lead the family. The Crane and the Scorpion had allied to undermine the Otomo in Court. It was also expected the Emperor-to-be Iweko Seiken would dismantle the Imperial Bureaucracy, which was mainly manned by the Otomo. Otomo Demiyah became the acting leader, and ordered to plot against the Scorpion, for their insult at Winter Court. [1] Mizuki pondered with Demiyah if she was acting out of desire for self-advancement. [2]

Iweko II Edit

Mizuki reported to Demiyah that the Ancestral Sword of the Hantei had been stolen by the Mantis Clan from an Otomo caravan, with only one survivor. [3]


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