Please note: This article is about the Hantei XVI's younger sister. For other uses of the term, please see Michiko (disambiguation).
Otomo Michiko 
Born: 572 
Died: 608 
Parents: Hantei XV,
Otomo Kaoichihime 
Siblings: Otomo Toruo,
Hantei XVI,
Otomo Tanaka,
un-named sister,
Otomo Tsurichi,
Otomo Yurikan

Otomo Michiko was Hantei XVI's younger sister and a fraternal twin to Otomo Tsurichi, three years younger than the Steel Chrysanthemum. [1] In 608 she was killed in the Crane lands by order of her brother the Steel Chrysanthemum. The Emperor blamed the death on "bandits" and used her death as an excuse to impose sanctions on the Crane. [2]


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