Please note: This article is about the Imperial Bureaucrat. For other uses of the term, please see Koji (disambiguation).

Otomo Koji was an Imperial Bureaucrat.

Station Edit

Koji worked in the Ministry of Protocols under the wing of Seppun Izo. He deliberately sent late reports, and Izo was forced to discharge him, being replaced by Doji Kakyou. The Crane appeared to be mostly competent for the next several weeks, until he began to fail at his duties, and was replaced in turn. Kakyou had been undermined by many of the men of his department, who had been appointed personally by Izo. The Crane Clan lose face, as devised by Koji and his sensei, Otomo Yasuyo. Koji was eventually sent to Ryoko Owari to fail again as overseer of several departments there. [1]

The Imperial Library's Fire Edit

Koji was in the Imperial Library in Toshi Ranbo when it burned down. Along with other Imperials, he managed to save the lives of many servants and, more importantly, several irreplacable scrolls that would have been destroyed if not for their interventions. He was badly burned in the process and even lose an arm [2] Koji honored Yasuki Aitoko, who had died during the fire. [3]


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