Otomo Kinmochi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named wife 
Children: Several un-named daughters

Otomo Kinmochi was a courtier of the Imperial Families.

Raising a Fortune Edit

The wife of Kinmochi was Doji Shunya's father's cousin, and in 1197 the Crane approached him to negotiate for political support in the attempt to raise Doji Kurohito to the status of Fortune. Kinmochi would pass the request to the Seppun, and in return, Doji Dainagon would aid his eldest daughter in her career. Seppun Washi made it clear that the Seppun would not support it if the Crane did not fund the expenses. [1] Kinmochi had been so impressed by Dainagon during Winter Court that he had made her one of his staff. [2]

Star-Crossed Lovers Edit

In 1198 Kitsuki Daisuke came to visit Kinmochi to discuss the betrothal of the Dragon Clan Champion Mirumoto Shikei and Shinjo reborn, Moto Naleesh. Shikei had asked the Imperials for a ruling. Daisuke lobbied that the Unicorn would scarcely miss Naleesh's absence, while the loss of Shikei would be a disaster for the Dragon Clan. Dainagon believed Shikei should leave the Dragon. [2] After he consulted with the Seppun Daimyo, Kinmochi judged that Shikei should fold into the Unicorn Clan and take the name of the Moto, and the originally agreed dowry, or one equivalent, would be paid to the Dragon Clan, to be overseen by the Otomo Family or a suitable proxy. The Dragon Champion refused the ruling, and broke the engagement. [3]


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