Otomo Hokan was an courtier of the Imperial Families.

Gakka Province Edit

During a rift for the control of the Gakka province, the Lion and Scorpion forces would clash to claim victory. The Emperor did not wish a protracted affair because the Gakka province held too much potential for it to be destroyed. When there was a clear victory, Hokan would step in as the Imperial Observer to decide this war without needless additional bloodshed. The Lion Rikugunshokan Akodo Unmei was so sure of his victory, that shortly after the engagement of both armies he gave their plans to Hokan, to show how the Scorpion were all but defeated. [1]

Death Edit

The Lion had the upper hand during the ensuing battle. Hokan was so anxious to concede defeat to the Scorpion that he moved to the battlefield alongside a lone bodyguard, Ikoma Ikuya. Among the field full of dead bodies rose the defeated Scorpion General, Bayushi Konitsu, who slain Ikuya and beheaded Hokan. [2] Asako Fujiko replaced him as Imperial Observer. [3]


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