Otomo Gosaiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Otomo Hino

Otomo Gosaiko was the master sensei of the Kyuden Otomo Dojo. [1] [2]

Youth Edit

Gosaiko was noticed by the sensei of the Seiyaku as a child with great potential, showeing a great aptitude for manipulation during play with other children. [2]

Gempukku Edit

For her gempukku Gosaiko was given the incredible task of seeing to it that an ambitious young courtier of the Scorpion Clan became dishonored. In less than two days she had set about the events that led to the courtiers expulsion from the clan, and Gosaiko was immediately given a prestigous post in Otosan Uchi. [2]

Reputation Edit

There was some belief among the courtiers of the Empire that age only made the sensei of the Kyuden Otomo Dojo more dangerous, and many feared the sweetness of her smile. There was also considerable debate as to wether getting her attention was a blessing or a curse. [2]

Family Edit

She was the aunt of Doji Nagori's mother. Gosaiko had a daughter, Otomo Hino, who died in a confrontation with a Kolat cell in 1159. [3]


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