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Otomo Atsutane was a courtier of the Otomo family.

Veteran Courtier Edit

Years of merciless competition against the representatives of the Great Clans, and also against his own kinsmen had turned Atsutane into a ruthless predator. He had ruined dozens of careers, shaming countless courtiers for no reason other than to ensure they could never pose a threat to him. Atsutane attended the private family courts of Otomo Hoketuhime herself, the Otomo Daimyo, who held him in some degree of poor regard. [1]

Lecherous Edit

In 1169 Atsutane sought to surrender a young newcomer to the court, Bayushi Kurumi, an exquisite young woman that turned the eye of every man there. He had used every trick at his disposal to eliminate other rivals. Among the many lies he told to try and claim her as his own, was to question her honor to the Phoenix representatives, ensuring that it would prevent them from pursuing her. [1]

Outmanouvered at Court Edit

Atsutane was poisoned with Night Silk in his chambers by a man that claimed to be Kurumi's brother. The Otomo gained time and bargained his life for spying on his family. The next day he came to the Scorpion state with the commander of the Seppun Magistrates, Seppun Katsura. The supposed brother, Bayushi Eisaku, proved he was serving at the time of the incident in the honor guard for the new head of the Scorpion delegation, Shosuro Jimen, and Kurumi claimed she had no brothers. Atsutane was publicly humiliated. [1]

Scorpion Pawn Edit

Atsutane was met by Bayushi Nomen, who exposed himself as the one who poisoned the Otomo. Nomen offered him the Scorpion aid to gain Hoketuhime's station, after she eventually would die. The Scorpion were plotting to have an Otomo daimyo that would support their claim for the Throne. At the same time they could take out Hoketuhime, among those rumored to have the Crane Clan's support for the throne. Atsutane was pleased with the proposal. [1]


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