Otomo Ariwara 
Born: 1127 
Died: Unknown

Otomo Ariwara, a niece of Imperial cousin Otomo Banu, had been born in 1127 with a strange birthmark, indicating that one day she would gain perception of the future. Her family sent her to the temple to be raised among the monks of the Four Temples. When the forces of Hida Kisada invaded the shores of Otosan Uchi, the Kisada's Blockade, the monk Korogi was the only monk who remained. He was hurt in the leg and could not move, so Korogi passed the baby, wrapped in blankets, to a group of samurai, who took out the infant from the city. [1] She was delivered to the Imperials at Kyuden Seppun. [2] The Four Temples were attacked the same day by Kuni Wazinu, lieutenant to Yogo Junzo, and one of the Black Scrolls, the Doom of Fu Leng, was opened during the assault. [3]


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