Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Otomo family founder

Otomo was one of the followers of the first Hantei and founder of the Otomo family.

Appearance and demeanor Edit

Otomo was a small and serpentine man, with an unblinking stare that unnerved even the bravest man. [1]

Childhood Edit

Otomo was the younger son of a great tribal warlord. When Otomo was five years old he was fostered to the Tribe of Seppun, becoming friend of the woman who would be known as Lady Seppun. Later, he returned to his own tribe and became chief advisor to his older brother. [2]

Before the Fall of the Kami Edit

Otomo's brother was a bad man who warred and butchered the tribes nearby. Finally he died in battle and his vulnerable tribe was saved from further problems by Otomo's skills. [2]

Leader Edit

In the year 7 Otomo and his followers swore fealty to Hantei, founding the Otomo family. [3] During the War Against Fu Leng, Otomo had some followers, such as Miya. When Hantei was dying, Seppun and Otomo were constantly at his bedside, while Miya was served as a courier for his master. [4]

Otomo family Edit

When Hantei died, the Otomo were dearly second to the Seppun. Lord Otomo saw opportunity in his servant Miya, and maneuvered politically, becoming instrumental in the creation of the Miya family. The new house was deeply indebted to his own, so Otomo's standing greatly increased. [5] After Fu Leng's defeat the Clans began to turn on one another. Otomo had built a network of Otomo spies that served in courts throughout the Empire, and Hantei Genji used this information to keep the peace in the Empire. [6]

Preceded by:
Otomo Daimyo
7 - ?
Succeeded by:


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