Please note: This article is about the bushi of the 12th century. For other uses of the term, please see Shiko (disambiguation).
Otaku Shiko (II) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1118

Otaku Shiko was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan.

Training Edit

Shiko was a brash and impulsive student of the Shinjo Bushi school. [1]

Topaz Championship Edit

She attended the 1118 Topaz Championship to attempt to win her gempukku and the title of Topaz Champion. Many famous samurai were present, including the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII himself. [2]

Murder Edit

The Badger Clan Champion Ichiro Akitomo was found murdered during the tournament. Shiko discovered one of the other contestants, Bayushi Sugai, beside one of the corpses, and she suspected he was the murderer. Both were marshalled by guards before the Emerald Champion Doji Satsume's presence. Sugai told a story about chasing away ninja assassins in order to explain his presence there. [2]

Death Edit

When Shiko publicly accused Sugai the Scorpion called for a duel to restore his honor. Shiko was outclassed in the duel and Sugai cut her down. [3]

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