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Otaku Naishi 
Otaku Naishi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1122 
Siblings: Otaku Genshi

Otaku Naishi was a bushi of the Unicorn Clan appointed at Ryoko Owari Toshi.

Family Edit

Naishi had a sister, Otaku Genshi. [1] Her uncle was Ide Baranato, who had two sons, Ide Michikane and Ide Asamitsu. [2]

Demeanor Edit

Naishi, a friendly and polite girl, studied in the Shinjo Bushi school, instead the Battle Maiden as her vicious brawler sister. She was a good peacemaker and had helped settle things between her sister and those who suffered Genshi. She was interested in make business, which would lead in her demise during the Opium War. [1]

Days of Generosity Edit

In 1121 her cousin Ide Michikane was chosen as the 'King of Generosity' durign the Days of Generosity, and Naishi was picked by him as the 'best giver'. She had given small gifts to almost everyone. [3]

Opium War Edit

When Michikane died by an opium overdose, Baranato devised a plan to begin an Opium War. Naishi and her sister were quickly enlisted to avenge her cousin, and Genshi told that she could trick the bandit Fade into helping them. Genshi and Naishi attacked a Soshi cartel warehouse and planted tracks which would lead to Bayushi Otado, son of the leader of the Bayushi cartel, Bayushi Korechika. The rest of the family attacked the other opium cartels, the Bayushi cartel, and the Shosuro cartel. [4]

Building her own opium cartel Edit

Naishi saw in the War an opportunity to create her own opium empire, and after the death of Korechika she became the patroness of several merchants in few days. Korechika's son, Otado, also surfaced to rebuild his father's cartel, and began to menace the merchants already under Naishi's patronage. Naishi confronted Otado in public and stroke him down. [5]

Bayushi Blood Feud Edit

Naishi told a slightly different story to save face and kept her away of prison, but an out of towner named Bayushi Saigo arrived within days with signed Blood Feud against Naishi. As soon she knew Saigo was on the city Naishi prepared to flee, but her sister was angered with the cowardice, and pressed her to accept the duel. Naishi offered the local magistrates to explain all behind the Opium War if she was protected. She was moved to the Magistrate Residence and signed a confession describing the conspiracy in detail. [6]

Death Edit

The chief magistrate Yogo Osako arrived with Saigo, and Naishi was requested to face the duel, pressed by her sister and the Unicorn leader, Shinjo Yoshifusa. Naishi had no opportunity against Saigo and died. [7]

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