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Otaku Kamoko (I) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Otaku Tetsuko 
Spouse: Otaku Kojiro 
Children: Otaku Kamoko 
Titles: Otaku Daimyo,
Sensei of Otaku Battle Maiden

Otaku Kamoko was the Otaku Daimyo and leader of the Battle Maidens of the Unicorn Clan.

Family Edit

Kamoko had a sister, Otaku Tetsuko. Kamoko was the Otaku Daimyo and leader of the Battle Maidens when she married with Shinjo Kojiro, who upon their marriage took the name of Otaku as his own. The couple had a daughter. [1]

Retirement Edit

When her daughter, destined to replace her mother, entered the school, she had her father Kojiro as her riding sensei, and her mother as her sensei on all other matters, who had since retired to become the sensei of Battle Maiden school. Her sister Tetsuko was appointed as the new leader of the Battle Maidens. [1]

Favourite Mare Edit

Kamoko's favourite mare was Kouchi, and when she was pregnant Kamoko promised the foal to her twelve year old daughter. [2]

On Duty again Edit

As war over a border dispute with the Lion was becoming inevitable, Kamoko was brought out retirement. [1] Kamoko was leading a Battle Maiden party chasing bandits. A group of Lion Warden led by Matsu Agetoki following the same bandits had crossed the border, invading Unicorn territory. A skirmish between both groups happened. [3]

Death Edit

Kamoko was killed by Agetoki, who drove her over a cliff's edge near the Morikage Forest. [4] Upon her gempukku, Kamoko's daughter took her mother's name. [1]

Kolat Plot Edit

The kolat within the Shinjo had requested the death of Kamoko to Akodo Kage, Master Tiger. He used his contacts to force Agetoki to kill the Battle Maiden leader. [citation needed] Kage agreed a quick withdrawal of the Lion troops avoiding a war between the Clans, earning honor from the Lion and was considered a wise man between the Shinjo. [3]

After Death Edit

The minions of the Lying Darkness began to destroy the souls of the deads in the Spirit Realms. [5] Her daughter was aware of it by Shahai and fearing the destiny of her mother's soul the Otaku Daimyo rode to the city of Volturnum deep in the Shadowlands in 1132. There was the soul of Kamoko, still unharmed by the Goju. Her daughter willingly accepted the Burning Words and the leadership of the Dark Moto in return for her mother's soul to be untouched. [6]


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Preceded by:
Otaku Daimyo
? - ?
Succeeded by:
Otaku Tetsuko (Acting Daimyo)

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