Otaku Genshi 
Otaku Genshi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Otaku Naishi

Otaku Genshi was a Battle Maiden of the Unicorn Clan appointed at Ryoko Owari Toshi.

Family Edit

Genshi had a sister, Otaku Naishi. [1] Her uncle was Ide Baranato, who had two sons, Ide Michikane and Ide Asamitsu. [2]

Bad temper Edit

Genshi was seen as a dangerous and impetuous woman. The Emerald Magistrate Matsu Shigeko intervened in a brawl between Genshi and her servants against vassals of Bayushi Korechika. She was forced to make an apology to Korechika to avoid any charge on her. The next year, she came to blows with Korechika’s son, Bayushi Otado. Shigeko arrived before blades were crossed and cuffed Genshi. [3]

Reason for Genshi's hate on Bayushi Edit

Otaku Isas was Genshi's cousin. Bayushi Tomaru publicly humiliated Isas. Her cousin demanded a duel, but on the day of the duel, he fell ill. Convinced he had been poisoned by Tomaru, he asked for a postponement, and was granted one, though he became a laughingstock as a result. Before the second duel, he was meticulously careful about his food and drink, but he still fell ill. Isas refused to duel in his disadvantaged state and fled. Isas became the renowned ronin bandit known as Fade. Genshi when knew the story realized Tomaru was as much of a coward by poisoning Isas, instead of fighting honestly, so he began to hate the Bayushi. [4]

Opium War Edit

When Michikane died by an opium overdose, Baranato devised a plan to begin an Opium War. Genshi and her sister were quickly enlisted to avenge her cousin, and Genshi told that she could trick the bandit Fade into helping them. Fade seized an opium Bayushi cartel shipment from Necessary Village dressed up in stolen Thunder Guard armor for the assault. Genshi and Naishi attacked a Soshi cartel warehouse and planted tracks which would lead to Bayushi Otado, son of the leader of the Bayushi cartel, Bayushi Korechika. Other relatives attacked the Shosuro cartel. [5]

Sister's death Edit

Genshi got information her sister was creating an opium cartel of her own. Naishi had killed Otado when both were pressing a merchant to take side for one of them. An out of towner named Bayushi Saigo appeared with a signed Blood Feud against her sister and Naishi tried to flee. Genshi was angered because her honorless actions would stain the family and the clan. Despite it Naishi was jailed and signed a confession describing the conspiracy in detail to be protected by the magistrates. However Naishi was forced to confront Saigo and died. This act marked the end of the war. [6]

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