Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Kitsune spirit 
Siblings: Akomachi 
Spouse: Un-named Fox

Osusuki was one of the founders of the Kitsune family line.

Appearance Edit

Osusuki was a genko, a black fox. [1]

Kitsune Edit

Osusuki the cub of the last surviving Kitsune, who died in a hunter's trap. The Fox Clan Champion, Shinun, found the dead kitsune, and she accepted the burden of caring Osusuki and his sister Akomachi. [2]

Kitsune family Edit

The shugenja saved the lives of the cubs by transforming them into human form, and they would become the founders of the Kitsune family line. When they were old enough to marry, Osusuki took one of the children of Shinjo, while Akomachi became a fox and married with the spirits of the land, forming the bond between the Fox and the Kitsune. [3]


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